Google Ads Makes It Easy To Switch To Data-Driven Attribution


Google Ads Makes It Easy To Switch To Data-Driven Attribution

Google Ads is rolling out a new tool designed to help advertisers feel more confident about switching to data-driven attribution.

MGWW POV Series | Getting started with data-driven attribution in Google Ads?

Today in our new POV Q &A video starring Natalie Ng, our Head of PPC/SoMe, we discuss what significant changes the data-driven attribution model in Google Ads brings. Natalie highlights its differences from standard models like Last- or First-click and what marketers should be aware of when making the switch. 

“Up till now, MediaGroup has only observed a positive impact on our client’s ad campaign performance. While we have noticed some shifts among campaigns, there overall seems to be almost the same level of conversions and conversion value. Finally, we have also discovered that the DDA model works very well with smart bidding. Therefore, from now on, MediaGroup plans to use more smart bidding strategies when executing PPC campaigns for our clients.” – says Natalie.

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Google Just Announced Major Improvements in Google Ads & the Availability of Data Driven Attribution

Google just announced major improvements in Google Ads and the availability of data driven attribution! They have also stated that they’re going to work to increase the speed at which data becomes available. Read more here:

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Important Google Ads Update – Data-Driven Attribution

As the advertising industry is changing due to recent privacy updates, Google is taking action to adapt and help you make the most of your campaigns.

The biggest change is that the new default attribution model is set to become Data-driven Attribution. 

Nowadays, not a lot of people buy directly after seeing an ad. They will most likely do some research and look at a couple of websites first. Thus, Last-Click Attribution is not really accurate: is this last ad really the reason why they are making the purchase? 

Instead of looking at the last step before the purchase, we want to analyze the whole journey. 

In this video, I will explain in more detail what this new update means for you.

If you’re running ads on Google, this is a must-watch! 

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Data-driven attribution is set to become the default attribution model in Google ads

In this video, I have explained how DDA is set to become the default attribution model. Google ads will remove all minimum data requirements to use DDA.

Data-driven attribution supports Search, Shopping, Display, YouTube ads, in-app and offline conversions.

Google will roll out data-driven attribution as the default model for all new conversion actions starting in October and plan to have it in all Google Ads accounts by early next year.


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